Page Name Trick - alt return give newline character - But also request page window

Is there a way to add a newline character in a Page name used bij auto text.

Yes! Maybe everybody knows, but I just tried it.

At least i’am happy. Some time you got a longer page name and it just doesn’t fit wel in a field or get cut/split on the wrong place.

F.e you have
"Detail Page # 12 Clever Chicken, smart Eggs"
you get depending of your field
"Detail Page # 12 Clever"
" Chicken, smart Eggs"

If you press at the right place, like between the 2 and the S, alt return, you get in you field
"Detail Page # 12"
“Clever Chicken, smart Eggs”

Or if you like, when your field is high enough,
"Detail Page # 12"
“Clever Chicken,”
“smart Eggs”

This is nice because you can create one size field for every page, with a nice layout.

The only draw back is that its difficult to see in your page window.

Or is there a better way? Tell me, please.

Of course I have a request.
My request is, is it possible to have alt-enter only visual replaced bij a pipe character ‘|’ in the page name on the page window, as one line?
Also request, it would handy to see the page name also in the thumbnail view under the image.