Output visualisation node?

In Grasshopper as well as in Dynamo, there is a node that visualizes the data that is sent by another node. (Panel / Grasshopper | Watch / Dynamo)
Is such a feature in development? It would be very helpful in understanding and debugging the scripts.


A similar node also exist in Cinema 4D xpresso, they call it a result node. I agree that it would be a useful addition! I use it all the time in xpresso.

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This already exists. Just add a “result” node and make sure it’s not editable (a number node in my example with the result as the value input). See image. I actually like how the values are shown in the parameters, because then we can have a calculated value shown to the user, even if that value doesn’t do anything to the geometry.

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Sorry, my example was not well chosen.
This node could be able to display the output content, a list of numbers, vectors, planes, geometry, whatever, not just the result of a simple mathematical operation.

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Visualizing output/data in the graph is definitely, something that is on the to-do list!