Sum node values or get xyz coordinates from node:

Hey all. Two questions. Is there any node that will let me get the sum of multiple nodes number values?

Also, is there any node that can collect all coordinates of a node, or specific coordinates of a node like x alignment/offset, or y alignment/offset distance, etc… Some in depth ideas or tricks/solutions would be awesome! Thank you!

Hello Araya CADT

o sum a known number of values
You can use the “Add” node but only 2 entries,
You must therefore use the “Expression” node, which has 8 entries

For an unknown or variable number of terms to add:
You must use a loop with an iterator as input and a loop as output.
Between we add the value to an “Add Attributes” variable and we get it at the “GetAttribute” output. Personally, I find the variables capricious and don’t always work. and the doc does not exist.

There is definitely a solution
Regarding the presentation of your graphs, I prefer this way, I find that it is more readable even if it does the same thing.

One thing to note is that a math node will provide the sum of all inputs via it’s result output. This includes lists. So if you have a varying number of values to add together, then you can combine them all into a list, then input them into an add or multiply or whatever node to get the full sum of that list of values.

For example

That solves it for me! Thanks so much for writing in about this.