Output a SU model to glb or gltf format

Is there a way to output a SU model to a glb or gltf format?

There are paid extensions that may do more things, but these two free extensions work well:


Do you know if these extensions allow you to include Animator animations?

I doubt it. @Fredo6 would know for sure.

Answer is no. Animator has its own internal format for encoding animation directives.

In addition, exporting to GLTF would require first to encode the model in this format and then add the animation directives. A rather huge work starting from scratch: I had a look at the GLTF format in the past and it’s rather complicated.

So maybe @Centaur has an idea?

OK - I guess I will have to move on. looks like a neat tool for presenting 3D models. Wish it could be used with SU models. Maybe some day. :grin: