Outliner - what should I mark this section as (house)

I am mainly making houses in sketchup, but I dont know what i should put this section as (marked in red) in the outliner.

Should i put it in the same as “Outer wall” or in the “roof” - or should i do a seperate one for that?

Afterwards i`ll add materials, however I want the material to line up at properly and dont have a visible line seperating the “lower outer wall” and the “higher outer wall”.

How do you usually do?

I would say: definitally “outer wall” and not “roof”.
And is there any need/reason to have its (red marked) geometry separated from the lower outer wall geometry?

The problem I see is when i want a floorplan view is that the middle upper outer
wall (seperating the garage and the house - marked as blue) is not going all the way down to the base - but instead is held up by beams. So in my floorplan view it looks like there is wall thoughout the house when in reality its not.

The problem can be solved by a section plane below the “upper outer wall” in the “floorplan scene” I guess - if thats the best option.

I am just curios how other people ussualy mark the red section as =)

For me, it’s the design that decides. Is this part one structure with a wall, a separate element above a rectangular wall or maybe a roof truss. It decides.

To my mind, they are exterior walls on the second level plan.

I am in agreement with @Wo3Dan and @RTCool, I would also treat as exterior walls. For the gable end of the house, one wall from floor to roof line. For the garage, a question: one full height story or ground floor plus second floor? If the former, single wall from floor to roof (similar to how it might be constructed), if the later as @RTCool suggests.
Good luck.

I see most think it should be an element of the outer wall. In this particular case, I will have a different opinion. The proportions of the drawing show that the attic is too low to be usable. so the construction should look like below. There should be trusses on the gable walls. This simplifies the design. But in general, as I wrote in the previous post: the structure decides.

To answer the original question…

“Gable wall”

What do you mean by “mark” something in Sketchup. Or are you just wondering what is the common carpentry term for that section of the structure.

It’s a somewhat philosophical question as to what the name of that structure is. “Mark” is like “label” in this case. It’s not a technical term in SU.