Outliner element groups merging into one once file is closed

KVL Basic layout version 1.0.skp (1.8 MB)
SU Pro 2021 Version 21.1.331 on Windows 10 on Intel NUC computer (normally use my Mac but 3DConnexion mouse not working with Monterey… again but thats another story). Using Passive House DesignPH 2.0 extension.

I use Outliner a lot and have been happily working away and saving as I go. When I come back to the file having closed SU all the layers (groups) under the Outliner headings are merged as if one, except the windows. I normally have a wall group, ceiling and then floor plus a couple of others for non thermal elements. Wondering if I am saving the file wrong? It seems to have affected all my files, not one specifically. Very odd.

Open files on my MAC and the outliner details are gone. All the materials are there, even exploding does not bring them back. I have not used tags at all. Maybe I should? Any suggestions?

The model shows three top level groups with components and groups inside them. Is this not what you would expect?

Hi DaveR. I may be having a brain fade but was sure I created the fabric that has the windows nested in was broken up into walls, roof and floor ie 3 groups. Maybe I didn’t… in the DesignPH plugin I can allocate properties for the thermal performance of these elements and that is still there. Maybe I need to take a lye down and come back to it. Thanks for taking a look. I am having to use the Windows version of SU for the first time so maybe I am finding some minor nuances of the two versions? Will plug away and see if it was not a senior moment on my part. That happens a lot these days… cheers/

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