Outline lines in Layout

When I draw a thick line in LO it always draws the line about the
centre, is there any way I can offset the centre of the line to the left or right to draw an outline around an SU shape to create a frame/box rather than the thicker line being centred on the SU line?

Can you show an example of what you are referring to? Maybe a LayOut file that shows what you are after?

If it’s what I think you are getting at, there isn’t a direct way to do it.Offset does seem to be the best option.

Thank you for your quick response, once again! This is what I want to do (line thickness exaggerated in this example), without the line obscuring part of the elevation.JDE EAST TAMAKI RD 191121 LO.layout (4.2 MB)

I think I understand what you are thinking of on Sheet 3. And yes (or should it be no?) there’s not a a direct way to do that. The Line and other drawing tools will always draw the center of a line. I’ve never seen a request like yours before but it’s an interesting idea.

It’s common capability in graphic design software such as Illustrator, Corel draw, Affinity Designer…

PS LO could learn a lot from their software capabilities if it purports to be Illustration / Presentation Software…

Yes. I know. I just said I’ve never seen the request for LayOut before.