Outline Fonts for LayOut

It appears that none of the available fonts shown in the Text Style pull downs are “outline” fonts, that is, an outline of the letter with a transparent fill.


The fonts you see in the list are ones that are resident in your Fonts collection. LayOut doesn’t come with any fonts.

OK. So then it is a Windows issue? If I find say a TruType outline font, then it could be installed and appear in LO?

I just tried the first outline font I came across in the list on my computer. It shows as transparent for me.

You should be able to install the outline font of your choice and use it. I would suggest starting LO after you install the font so LO loads the list from the Windows Fonts folder.

My list shows no outline type fonts, so I will go a-hunting. Your screen shows exactly what I was aiming for.

Lots of sources for fonts out there. Don’t get sucked into the vortex. :smiley:

Yeah, I know. I’ve ventured into this void before, and I think it took me awhile to recover. Sites like 1001Fonts, etc.

Oh, and the names people come up with for their fonts.

Success. Thanks, Dave. BTW, “Helvetidoodle.”

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suggest using Google Fonts… good range, quality designs. great search filter and most important OPEN SOURCE… no licensing hassles for anyone

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Good tip! I know Google does almost anything but I hadn’t stumbled on this.