Out of plane

I’m just drawing in 2D and have used Sketchup for years with no problems but the latest drawing is driving me nuts. Rectangles end up different sizes at each end and some additions overlap what’s already there instead of clicking to them. I’ve investigated as much as I can with limited knowledge and everything seems to be out of plane (hope that’s the right term). I’m in parallel projection and I’ve tried perspective but it makes no difference to my problem. I’m new to this forum so not sure how it works. Will I have to log in again to see any answers or could someone e-mail me at tamarisktalktalk.net please?

How about uploading the SketchUp file so we can see it and help you identify the problem? Also, please finish your profile and add the SketchUp version and license type. That information helps us help you.

Thanks for your reply but I don’t know how to do that. Can you advise me, please?

You can just drag the SKP file into a reply on the forum or use the Upload button, 8th from the left in the row above the message window.

I’m now going round in circles trying to get to the page with the toolbar!!

Are you looking at the forum in your web browser?

I’m on my computer

I understand that. You need to be looking at the forum on your internet browser.

I’ve tried clicking on the link you sent but it throws a wobbly

What’s a wobbly? The link I posted is to this thread.

self referencing links throw wobbly’s [error message]…


It opens a new tab in my browser and shows this thread. I posted the link because it seems the OP is not looking at the thread in his internet browser. I removed the link, though.

Sorry, I got called away urgently and can’t spend too much time on this now, grateful though I am for you trying to help. You’ve probably gathered that I’m a complete idiot where computers are concerned. I know how to use it but I haven’t a clue what web browsers are. I’m using Internet Explorer. Is that my browser?
Anyway, must go in a couple of minutes so hope to come back to this in the morning.

Which icon sneaked in to make the ‘Upload’ icon number 8 again?

That goofy grid icon is back. Good catch.


I’m free again and thought I’d have another go at this. I clicked on the “View topic” button below which took me straight back to the forum. I then scrolled to the top of the page but there’s no sign of the toolbar that you are showing in your e-mail so I still don’t know how to transfer my drawing to you on the site.

Just thought, I should be able to paste it to this e-mail. Yes, done it. (See attached). (Another query I’ve got is how to correct a spelling mistake in 3d text, like the error I’ve just made on my drawing)

Incidentally, regarding the main problem, I’ve been wondering if transferring some sections of my drawing from a previous drawing is causing the problem although I would have thought that if both are set up the same way in “Camera” everything should be in the same plane.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated.


Steve Sellars

Section through lounge.skp (4.45 MB)

The problem illustrated here is that you haven’t stayed on plane. The face shown selected is angled which accounts for it appearing narrower than the one below it.

The horizontal face above it is not in the same plane as the vertical one below the angled one.

You mention transferring some geometry from an earlier model and yes, that could be a problem if you don’t get things lined up correctly.

In fact, a great deal of your model is positioned off plane. Setting the Edge color to By Axis and setting the background to white would help you see this. Edges that are parallel to the axes will be colored to match the axes. As you can see, very few of the vertical and horizontal lines have been drawn on axis.

Since you are using a 3D modeling program to make a 2D drawing, you would make it much easier on yourself if you start with a large rectangle to draw on so you can get On Face inferencing.

Have you actually made a 3D model that this is coming from?

Yes, I thought it was out of plane but I don’t know how you’ve got the angled view shown in your e-mail. Anyway, thanks for the confirmation.

It seems that transferring from another drawing is definitely the problem because all the bits you’ve shown coloured are the ones transferred. I can’t understand why, though. I start each drawing by clicking on the Sketchup icon in my toolbar and then select “Camera – Parallel projection – right” (for the right side of the house). If both are started the same, I can’t understand why transferred sections would be out of plane.

I did start a model but because there have been changes in the design I was just doing the sectional drawing in 2D as a guide to get measurements correct for beams and posts before building them and putting them into the model.

To that end, I’m going to start the 2D drawing again because I only need to draw accurately the sections high-lighted.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by On Face inferencing. Is that something I need to select in the menus or is it automatic if I draw a rectangle as you suggest? But isn’t that the same as guidelines?



Hovering with one of the drawing tools (and some of the other tools) over a face gives you an inference “On Face” popping up at the cursor.
It can be just “On Face” or “On Face in Group('s name)” on “On Face in Component('s name)”.

Yes, I’ve seen “On Face” and “On edge” etc but I thought it was just confirming where the item to be drawn was going to start. Am I missing something? How does that solve my problem of being out of plane?