Set a plane

I’ve used Fusion 360 for some time. Now, at $450 per year, no can afford.
I’m use to setting a plane and staying on that plane until I change it.
Can this be accomplished in Sketchup 18?

SketchUp is inherently a 3D modeler. Unlike traditional “2 1/2 D” modelers, it has no built-in notion of a “working plane”. If using the Free web version of SketchUp (per your profile), the closest you can come is to first draw a large rectangle at the desired plane and then carefully use inferences to make sure subsequent geometry stays on that plane. If you are not careful, small off-plane errors may occur that will lead to downstream issues such as failure to create faces.

Edit: If the target plane is parallel to one of the principal axis planes (red-green, red-blue, green-blue) you can use axis inference locks to stay on plane without needing to create the rectangle.

Thanks for replying.
That is what I do.
I then set dems as 20",30".
However, it is never that size.
That is my problem and why I wanted to design on red green only.
Now, I know that’s not possible.
So, how do I set the dems at 20"x30"?

What’s not possible? It definitely is possible to model only on the red/green plane.

I assume you mean the dimensions. When you drag out a rectangle, look at the way the dimensions are displayed in the Measurements window and use the same format. Depending on your location, it may be that the separator is a semi colon, not a comma. Make sure you aren’t clicking in the measurement window prior to entering the dimensions. There’s never any need to click in the measurements window at all.

Design in red screen plane without blue being available.

SketchUp is a 3D modeler. Blue will always be available. That doesn’t mean you have to use it, though.

What sort of things do you plan to model anyway?

I must have a lot of getting use to Sketchup.

Planer table with drawers at the present.

That’s a 3D object. At least it would be in my shop. Why wouldn’t you model it in 3D?

I’m having trouble getting use to Sketcup’'s method of designing. I’ll get there eventually.

It’ll come. You just have to start thinking in 3D instead of 2D.

3D will make it much easier to work out all the details and make sure they work.2D won’t help you with stuff like this:

It’s certainly best to do as @DaveR has suggested. However, if you do want to work in a 2D environment, you can. The main requirement is that you always use the Top View and set the camera to Parallel Projection. There are even extensions that have dedicated 2D tools.

I’m not sure that it’s a requirement to use the Top view, Simon. Considering the current project on the OP’s plate, it might make more sense to use the standard front view as he will likely be starting with elevations. At least the thing will be generally in the correct orientation when he decides to take the leap from the ancient Egyptians to Brunelleschi. :smiley: :smiley:

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I thought there was reference to using only red and green axes.

If I am producing standard architectural drawings with no 3D element, I have both elevations and plans on the same plane, just as we used to in the bad old days of that stuff, what was it called now? Oh yes, paper.

Brunelleschi was an excellent CAD jockey I believe.

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Just noticed that you chose an illustration of a writing desk, something designed for work on paper!

Though, to be fair, they weren’t usually made of perspex like yours.

But it doesn’t have to be the red/green (“If it ain’t broke, you’re not trying” :slight_smile: ) plane. it could be the red/blue plane just as easily. And as I said, when he decides he wants to convert his planer table with drawers from 2D to 3D, at least it’ll already be standing up instead of laying on its back.

The image choice was kind of random but I wanted to show something with internal parts like drawers.

I add my two pence…

‘modelling’ in ‘Parallel Projection’ view can lead to grief…

it is only a ‘view’ and does not guarantee a fixed plane, it simply means you won’t see planar errors…

use it when ‘selecting’ or for ‘output’ only…



First three efforts; too many mistakes.
This is the fourth try.
Still has mistakes.


Can’t tell what mistakes you’ve made from just a screen shot. If you’d like help sorting them out, upload the SKP file.

Here it is.

That link doesn’t go to your SKP file. It isn’t really a solution to your original question, either.