OSCoolean for Mac

Are there compatibility issues with this plug-in?
Make17, Mac 10.10.5 Yosemite.
Installed thru SUcation PluginStore, everything shows up where expected and is enabled.
Select tool, select groups. Nothing happens.
I’ve seen the issue raised in the forum, but from 2+ years ago. Anything more up-to-date, anyone?

According to a two year old post on this forum, and the plugin author’s post on Sketchucation even more years ago, it doesn’t work on SU versions later than 2013. And hasn’t been updated since 2013. I think you may be out of luck with this one.

Apparently there is a ‘modestly priced’ BoolTools from SMustard, but I haven’t tried it

John is right. OSCoolean hasn’t been maintained for many years. BoolTools works great, however.

Smustard query returns nothing for BoolTools, Extension Warehouse returns Eneroth Solid Tools (Pro Only) by Eneroth3.
If I had the Pro version, I wouldn’t be snooping around for boolean extensions…
So, apparently, this is a wild goose chase?

Seems you may be out of luck on that one too.

Here’s a post from the author last June or July on the Sketchucation site:


But I thought I remembered seeing something much more recent saying it had been updated again since.

I was right:

See BoolTools 2 for SketchUp Make and Pro is here!

You need to look where the wild goose lives. Start here: BoolTools 2 for SketchUp Make and Pro is here! And then follow the link at the bottom of the first post to BoolTools 2 - mind.sight.studios - Better than SketchUp's Solid Tools

Okay, looks fine, thanks…
Just a couple of things, though:
Where could I find out about “nested” solids?
Also, the literature mentions SolidInspector2 for solving issues with BoolTools results. SI2 always shows me a “Can’t fix, repair manually” window. Up to now, using Fredo6’s solutions to this has been far from straightforward for me.
At that price, toggling Autosave every time the suite is to be used is no major hassle, but I’d just like to know enough to use this confidently.
I don’t 3D print, but I need to work with solids to get anywhere with more complex modelling.
While I’m at it, what’s a mesh?

I see it’s $20 to purchase. Up to you whether that is a price you are willing to pay.

You certainly don’t need Solid Tools, BoolTools or anything of the other Boolean tools to make solid components/groups. Even very complex ones can be done without those tools.

Example: The model for this flame finial is solid and could be 3D printed if desired. No Boolean tools were used anywhere in the process.

I’d tried for a while getting these kinds of shapes to blend together cleanly, but only managed it when using solid tools. Intersecting faces is often messy, specially where fine, acute angles are involved. Scaling up has its limits…
I don’t doubt I could reproduce those finials, given time. Their individual components, that is. But I doubt very much whether I’d see the word “solid” pop up in the Entity Info window, once I’d put those pieces together, without using something like Outer Shell.
What’s your secret?..

I suppose practice.The flame finial was done for a tutorial I wrote. It was done without using anything special like the Solid Tools so that those who are using SketchUp Make could draw it, too.

Just eyeballing it from your image. The only non-native tool used was Classic Bezier from the BZ_Spline set. No Solid Tools or other Boolean tools.

Both Outer Shell and Intersect were used, and they’re solid tools, aren’t they?

Those flat corners are among the solutions I was trying to stay away from. I’m still not satisfied with my latest attempts, but they’re a step up from here.

Yes. I didn’t use either one.

Since I was working from your screen shot and just guessing at shapes, I’m sure mine doesn’t match yours exactly. I could have drawn it without the flat corners just as easily.

I had no idea you’d cooked up that example after receiving my screen cap. It took me days to get the phone’s “shell” half-right… I thought you’d dug up that example from somewhere.
At any rate, like I said earlier, I’m still not quite happy with the solution I settled for, as regards the base of the shell.
I’d like for the top-tier corner to match the bottom one,

but the rounding-off entails “eating” into the slope, which I’d like to avoid:

How would you go about making a neat corner and keep all the relevant geometry?

I did just “cook it up” from your screen shot. If you’d looked at the times right when I posted it, there was less than a 1/2 hour after yours so I really didn’t have time to do a whole lot of sleuthing to get accurate dimensions. As I said, it was all by eyeball.

Is this more like what you’re after? I just used Follow Me and an appropriate path with a radius for the corner. And again, no Solid Tools. I only used native tools that are included in Make.

I dont think so; The tip of the combined beziers should go right to the center of the topmost corner radius. Hard to tell here, but from the shadow play it looks like there’s no slope to the wider rectangles in the shot. These should be just off the horizontal plane, so that there’s a ridge where they meet.
Said ridge should start right where the rounded-off bevel finishes, as in this really accurate model:

Just change the profile to suit.

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