Orient a profile normal to a path

On parametric cad constraints the endpoint of a path with the center point of a sketch or profile or surface and orienting the profile perpendicular to path is easy.
How can I do it in Sketchup? Thank.

Depends on what you are trying to do exactly. Might be able to use native infrencing to do that. Or there’s Perpendicular Face tools from the Extension Warehouse.

For example. I want to sweep a sketch (a five star) along a path. But my star and my path are not aligned.

You can use the Pie tool to create a circle perpendicular to the last segment of a path by using click and drag to set the axis, then draw your star on the circle.

Thank you Box.
So I can’t move the sketch an rotate it.

Well yes you can, but simpler to draw in place.

And if I want to make coincident a side of a rectangle with a segment. Is there a snap to object?

I know that i think in parametric way, but i’d like reading something abot the logic of sketchup in front of parametric cad.

You may find spending some time at the Campus will help get the fundamentals under your belt.
SketchUp Campus

People often find it more difficult to unlearn or re-access their expectations when moving from one software to another that is similar but actually quite different.

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thank you very much