Alignments, Stationing and Creating Profiles from the Alignments

Hello SketchUp community! I am in need of some SketchUp pros…

I am creating an alignment with stationing on my surface (the terrain where my site is). I then need to take sections of this alignment and display them as profiles. These alignments are not straight lines, mostly following the curves of rivers and ponds.

I believe Auto Cad has the ability to do this, but seeing as I don’t have or wish to use Auto Cad I was hoping that SketchUp had a similar feature or possibly an extension?

I’m using SU18 on my MacBook pro.

Thanks in advance!

By “stationing” do you mean contours? Can you upload an example file that shows what you’re starting with? I’m sure there’s a way to do what you want but I’d like to see what you have to work with.

I’ve uploaded a quick sketch of what I mean by stationing - giving the alignment set measurements along it.

The picture below shows a close up of my terrain/site plan with the mark ups of where I want to make the alignments. You only need to pay attention to the blue lines for this.

I hope this helps explain!

Guide Points: Dividing a poly-line in even segments:

There are a few extensions which copy a component along a path, and you can set the distance you’d like to use.

I don’t know which one gives the most accurate results in it’s spacing, or for that matter how they handle paths along changing elevations.

Example Using the PathCopy Extension:

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