Organic Shapes and Quadrants Problem

Hi there, I have a problem about creating regular quadrants on organic shaped design and I’ve tried everything to solve it but I can’t find any good solution or plugin, so wanted to ask you here since you could actually help me!

To explain it more, I have created a amorphous building, Now I have to add its construction materials with selecting its quadrants etc. but they are disorganized and distorted. I tried to smooth the building but quadrants does not connect in a continuous or regular way to the ground.

Can you please help me?


How did you create that mesh? It’s going to be harder to fix it than do it again using quads and subdividing it to get a smoother mesh, then you can use quad face tools to select loops easily if you need to do that.

the shape was a sphere and I created the mesh with sandbox tool. I would really want to do it again but its an old project and I can not do the exact same design again with the same parameters… I don’t know how to fix it properly I am stuck. Thank you sm though

There is a slight chance that if you attach your model someone may be able to make it more workable for you.

I would not say no to any help but its just the part of the group of buildings which has the same problem so I have to do it myself. :smiling_face_with_tear:

And showing you how to possibly fix one doesn’t help you fix the rest!?

I’m Sorry, I thought you meant that It will be fixed by someone and just sent the finished design, without explaining or something. I’m sharing it then.
mesh_31298.skp (14.4 MB)

I’ve not had any success with various options. I suspect your geometry isn’t native sketchup.
Its a bit like that old story of asking directions, how do I get to X, well, if it was me I wouldn’t be starting from here.
I can only suggest that looking at SUbD might be a way forward.
Others may have better suggestions.

What exactly do you mean by ‘quadrants’? What kind of ‘construction materials’ and what is the model/pattern according to which you want to apply them?

Blender with procedural material


Material with V-Ray

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What I was trying to do was something like that. I’ve made it with the help of free software named ‘‘Instant-Meshes’’ Thank you all for your help and time though.

Feel free to let us know the solution the Instant Meshes forum gives you so we can pass it on.
By the way, there is an extension that would produce that sort of structure, but I’m sure its not right for you.

I watched a random youtube video and tried to made it by myself. No forum :smile:

the video in case:

And those of us that have spent years, decades even, 5 for some, perfecting their craft should just give away the secret in a forum post…
ok… are you ready for it…


I do not get your attitude towards the case but still thank you for trying to help me! In the end, It shows that everyone has something to learn from another one. No matter how many years they spent in their bussiness or work :slight_smile:

So I am glad that I can show you this problem could be easily solved with instant meshes. You’re welcome.

I used the extension Lattice in sketchup. It was not the case. The problem was about quadrants and I made them organized in the software that I told you… Wow.

Ok, look at it from our side.
This is a sketchup forum.
You ask a question.
Several of us spend time working on your issue.
then you throw in random youtube and another software and now finally as I type this you mention lattice.

I can safely say I’ll not be bothering you with my inane replies in the future.

You should also try to look from my perspective… I have a very limited time and while waiting for your help, I saw the reply with blender. It gave me the idea that I could find an another software to solve it. I tried to solve the issue by myself with that idea and then I did it, immediately shared with you.

Why are you being so salty and rude? And one more time, Lattice does not have anything to do with my problem. It was just the finishing touch after I’ve solved the problem about quadrants that mesh have so unorganized.

Also your replies in the beginning was delusional like ‘’your mesh is not native sketchup’’ etc. Of course I created this mesh in sketchup and you assume me with absurd reasons to cover your lack of information and incompetence. You did not help me at all and still talk with anger like you have done a lot about my problem. You need more education.

Feel free to leave alone my future topics it would be better both for me and you.