Organic flowing shape

I’ve been working on a project with some organic shapes for a few days now.

Now the client asks if I can make 2 of the 4 balconies extend downwards in an organic flowing shape, conical downwards, a bit like the attached photo.

I don’t see the point in completely redrawing it, because I’ve already put too much work and time into it (along with the rest of the project of course).

Anyone have a suggestion how I could do this? Is there a plugin to draw something like that?

Attached is an attempt that I have made, but is not okay in my opinion. For this I used the Curviloft plugin.

I would start with a combination of VertexTools and SubD in such a case…

and thickening with JPP at the end…



VertexTools plugin helps me a lot :slight_smile:

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