Modeling organic shapes

Hey folks, real beginner here.

I’d like to pick the minds of the resident experience modelers on how best to model more organic shapes.

For instance, I came across this img and decided to practice by modeling the 2nd column from the left. It is not terribly hard, except for the capitol element, specifically the 4 corner pieces that branch out of a 2D space.

This is the result of my attempt at modelling it. I noticed that I shot myself on the foot because of a misconnection there.

That’s my question: how do people usually go about doing these bendy, flowing shapes? I’d like to continue practice by modeling the remaining columns but I predict having a hard time with those shapes that don’t sit on a flat surface.

Thank you.

On the page where you took the first picture, you can also find the ‘hidden edges’ version and you can get an idea of what it looks like and how you could draw/model in a similar way.

You could use lines, arcs or splines, with Move Tool or with Vertex Tools

Learn the idea from here: