Order of Forum Categories


@jody, Can the order of forum categories be changed ?

Ie, move the new Technical Problems group up near(er) the top of the list.

It is a pain moving many posts daily all the way to those categories at the bottom of the list.

(2) The move to list needs to be at least twice as tall, and preferably have the descriptions suppressed.
(This is the category list that appears when you need to move a thread via the edit title/tags/category feature.)



In another thread, somebody (it might have been you) asked if the landing page for the Forum could be set to be the Category page rather than the Latest page.

If this can be done, I think it would put “Technical Problems” (and its subcategories) front and center. People accustomed to “Latest” as a landing page would be only a single click away.

Would this suffice to (at least) reduce the PITA you are experiencing?


That page is: https://forums.sketchup.com/categories

… and, someone has moved the Technical Problems groupo to the top of the list, since I looked at it last.

Actually, if you look more closely, the Latest list does appear on the Categories page.

BUT, they are still at the bottom of the “move to droplist”.

So, no. It is a real pain having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the “move to” list.


Let me be more specific: If the landing page was the Categories page, resulting in forum newbies seeing the Technical Problems categories front and center, might the frequency of your needing to scroll to the bottom of the “move to droplist” be reduced?


Oh, yes I would certainly hope so. All things should work together to minimize housekeeping.


This was done, BTW. But @jody didn’t post a notice here so I could give him a “solution”.


LOL. Done.


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