Campus Category

I’ve noticed that the Campus category doesn’t appear in the dropdown list when you want to Move a thread via the Edit Title option.
It is there in the normal category list, but not in the thread title.


And I can’t even start a new topic when I’m on the full Campus Category page!

I’m guessing the category is one with new posts restricted either to a high trust level, or a specific group of people.

Can you guys refresh the forum (ahhh… that’s nice), and try again? I can see it when I try to edit an existing topic…

EDIT: The Campus category is locked… only Tyson can add topics as part of the testing that SU Campus is going through. Was there something specific that you wanted to out in that category?

Yes you are right @TheOnlyAaron I missed that when I checked that the forum existed, didn’t notice the New Topic was grayed out.

I was wanting to move questions about Campus to that category so that they were easy to find and in one place. I had tried before but got distracted by a passing dust mote and forgot to mention that it wasn’t possible.
Questions such as this one.

That makes sense! I guess, for now, just go ahead and flag them and we can get them moved over…