Orbit, xray, general crappy service

A couplee of weeks ago the orbit tool stop working with the middle button on my mouse in windows. It works sometimes now. I have been asking for a way to make item transparent (xray in previous versions). No answers or help on that. Today after not usiing the software for a couple of weeks I can no longer rename a group. I paid for this version so that I might have the outliner. An outline with group, group, group… is useless. Which group is this?

As a fairly long time user and software developer I maust say that I am very disappointed in your lackk of attention to detail. You took the old docuementatioin and called it good enough. This version has a very different user interface. If the software where free I would say good enough but it is not free. I am not a beta tester. If you release a version that is not tested that makees me an alpha tester. Get your act together and stop press “deploy” at the end of the day and hoping for the best. It doesn’t work that way. I have terrible tremors and when I have to spend an hour trying to figure out somethiing it waste my time and more importantly it PISSES me off. I started learning C in 1984. There was no internet only books. No searchh engines, only indicies. I am liing on diablity as though I am going to take hard look befor e I pay for another year of something you are developing as a user tested piece of ■■■■.

Richard Watkins

P.S. Don’t reply to me with “We’re working on it”. The occasional bug is one thing. This is just wrong the way you are dealiing with the problems. Thr

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There is a ‘Search’ button top left of your tool bar. Click it and type x and you’ll get the option to change your model to X-ray:

When creating groups you’ll need to name them each by yourself. If not, they get no name and you see them as “group” in the ‘Outliner’ component and group tree structure.

I could have said the same to you, and stop complaining about things that aren’t true

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First, search fo X-ray in Shop version only gives the description. There is no “See more results” since there is only the one.

Secondly, I have my act together. Everything I stated is true and I am not complaining. I pay for the version so I should get at least some bit of support. All of the help is geared towards the Desktop version. Since you’re so familar with the help please tell me how it’s done rather than telling me to search for it.

Richard Watkins

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I can currently only see SketchUp Web Free (vs Sketchup Web Shop which has more “options” available).

You mean you don’t have a slider on the right side of what pops up after hittng x in search (see arrows)?

As for what is extra in shop, see: https://help.sketchup.com/en/sketchup-web/whats-included-sketchup-shop

And SketchUp shop has outliner which allows you to see group, group, group, … group. Or a hierarchy with sensible named groups and components. That is entirely up to you when you create them or later when you (re-)name) them through ‘Entity Info’. See:

If you prefer a more stable version you can still download SketchUp 2017 Make. It also has a more conventional user interface with should some distractions.


SketchUp Shop also has the slider. And it works exactly as intended.

On the question of naming groups, it’s true that within the outliner area you can’t rename a group, but just above there is the entity info, and you can rename the selected group. Its name then updates in the outline view.

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If the UI required that you give a group a name when you create it, the same people who complain that the create component dialog slows them down would rise in rebellion. The outliner could presumably show the auto-generated sequential names (group#1, group#2, etc.) but that would hardly be an improvement on group, group, etc. Perhaps the inference engine should be extended to guess what you meant each group to be :wink:


And if having objects named is so important, the current option of using components instead of groups works just fine. :wink:


To me this is largely what the difference is. A component is a specific named objects, like a product you can go and buy, while a group is a quite arbitrary collection of things thay may or may not have something in common. For instance my desk and my chair are components as they are items I’ve bought, while the two of them together is a group so I can move them around efficiently in my model.


Or make. :wink: It wouldn’t make sense to use groups for the parts of a project if you need to know what they are later on. Every part in this model is a component.


as a ‘developer’ you will be aware that the ‘picnic’ bug is the most difficult for any software or hardware development team to resolve…

I would make a component called ‘my office furniture’ and latter add the ‘office bin’, etc…

then I can move that to any room or external model I need ‘my office furniture’ in…

I treat groups as temporary except in small item count models…


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I just bought a nifty set of wireless headphones. Why can’t SketchUp connect to my computer’s Bluetooth transceiver and just read my mind ? :crazy_face:

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But it can! You just need to read the manual and the instructions that come with the headset.

No, no! The headset inserts them automatically into your brain when you connect!

Both of you have it wrong, he needs to reprogram the BT transceiver!

I tried, but …

Bluetooth.connect(:headphones).read_mind do |thoughts|
  model = Sketchup.active_model
  entities = model.active_entities

Results in an exception …

# Error: #<NetworkError: `thoughts` cannot coerced into proper data stream.>


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that’s because the web versions can’t run Ruby, try javascript…