Layers and groups list disapeared

Hi, I am using the web free version of SketchUp. I started using it two months ago, I was able to create groups, name, hide and move components in and out of groups using a menu tool bar. I have returned after not using for a month and I now no longer have the tool bar/menu to edit, manage my groups or layers. Has this been removed from the free SketchUp.

Was this Outliner and why was I able to use and now longer unable too now?


It must have been more than two months ago that you last used SketchUp. Layers were replaced with Tags more than six months ago.

You can give tags to groups and components in the same way you used to do with Layers. And you can use the tag visibility control to determine which components and groups are visible.

When you first started using it, you were given a trial of SketchUp Shop in which Outliner is available. The trial period has ended. It is not available in the free version, however.
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Thanks for you reply and time.

So all the groups I created are no longer available as this was only a trial function.

Is there a way around this, am just a DIY Dad trying to build a shed and would rather not pay or subscribe to cad program with professional pricing, functions and modelling that I will never use?

I read I can install the 2017 version. Am I able to DL my drawings from the web version and import into 2017 version?

No. How did you come to that conclusion? Groups and components are fundamental things in SketchUp and available in any version.

There’s nothing to get around. If you made groups of geometry in your model, the groups will still be there. Groups are not a function of Outliner. Outliner is basically a text version of the model.

Yes but I don’t see why you need to do that. The free web version will surely do what you need it to do.

Ok, the groups are there. But I can not sort or organise by name, hide or unhide as I can no longer access outliner. All I can do in show all hidden groups which will appear as outlines in diagram, but I can not select a group by name but have to try and select the outline. I can create groups but cant manage them, I can either see all hidden groups or not.

If I have this wrong could you explain please. I just want to access the list of groups I made, to be able to turn on and off easily. How can I do that?

You can hide and unhide them by right clicking on them. Better to assign tags to the groups and use the tag visibility control to show or not show them. That’s what it is intended for.

If you are going to stick with the free web version you will have to learn to manage the model without Outliner. That’s really not that difficult to do. If you want to unhide a hidden group, right click on the mesh and choose Unhide. Again, if you use tags for visibility control instead of Hide, you can just click on the eye symbol in the Tags list.

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