Orbit bug in Mobile Viewer that's not in desktop viewer


I have tried a million ways to fix this problem to no avail. My model is of a theater stage. There are several hanging panels, all in perspective, two kinds of flooring and figures of a man and woman.

When I view my model in the desktop Sketchup Viewer, I can orbit clockwise or counterclockwise and all the layers stay in place and don’t cover other layers.

But when I view the model in the Mobile Viewer and orbit clockwise, the floors start to cover the figures and swallow them up or cut them in half. If I zoom, they reappear in their entirety. But when I orbit clockwise again, the same thing happens. The only time they don’t become distorted is if I zoom out so far that I can see nothing else of the stage or floor.

Is this a rendering bug in the Mobile viewer? Or have I don’t something creating the model that doesn’t show up in one viewer but does in the other.

I should add that I can orbit the same model clockwise and counterclockwise in SightSpace with no problems whatsoever. But I’d like to be able to use your viewer.

Thank you for considering this issue.

PNG Import Texture Transparency Complicated Problem

In case anyone else has this problem, it turned out that I was using images only for many of the “layer” entities. Once I created a true Sketchup generated entity and layer and then applied my imagery as a texture, the other elements of my model stopped cutting into and/or disappearing into other layers.

It isn’t a problem adding a few png images of people or trees or whatever. But when most of your geometry is images rather than Sketchup generated entities and layers, that’s when there’s trouble.