Oracle Spatial Data Import from a SketchUp model

I created a 3D Model and need to import it into Oracle Spatial in order to create a spatial database and order the model into database. Its datatype should be SDO_Geometry data type in one column. How can I import and insert .skp 3D data into Oracle database ?

(1) You will need to GeoLocate your SKP model

(2) The Oracle docs say it supports OGC Standards, of which KML is one.

  • So, try (after geolocating,) to export as Google Earth (KMZ).
    From SketchUp menu: File > Export > > 3D Model…
    Choose “Google Earth File (*.kmz)” from the filetype dropdown list.

The KMZ is a zip archive that has a KML XML file inside it.

Thanks. I got my model in KML data format already and tried also in this format. But what I can not do and can not find information is that, how can i import this into oracle dbase.

Well this is a question for the Oracle forums.

If there is an answer it will be in the manuals.