Optimizing SketchUp files for glTF export?

Hi All,

I’m new to SketchUp so some of my questions might seem obvious. The mapping company I work for is planning to enable imports of gltf models for display on our maps. The models will be customers buildings (houses, office blocks etc.)

The issue we are facing is that we get models mainly from architecture/construction companies who have very detailed models, their workflow is often Revit>SketchUp and then > Pass onto Us > we export skp>glTF

We need these gltf models to be 200-800kb ideally for performance reasons which we are finding almost impossible to achieve. The models we are getting from these companies which, although are quite simple, have a lot of geometry which seems to be creating file sizes which are too big for us to get down to the 200-800kb glTF files we need. We’ve tried Draco glTF compression which isn’t delivering the results we need in terms of quality.

Are there ways in which SketchUp can simplify the geometry quickly or (I doubt this is possible) Sketch up can convert geometry to an image format so our models can just use (low res) images instead?