Flatten models

I’m dealing with models of buildings which I need to convert to gltf. Our company gets these models from construction/architecture firms and then we need to put the model on a map. The problem we have is the models often have big filesizes and what we need is simply just the exterior. The best way for us is just to have the shape of the building with textures applied to it and no geometry as it brings down filesizes which is critical for us.

Is there a way or plugin that takes a 3D model and flattens geometry into an image file (a bit like the flatten function in photoshop but in 3D) or a screenshot function for a building elevation?

I’m doubtful this exists but thought it’s worth a shot asking. If anyone has any other tips any help is appreciated!

Like export to 2D in front view with parallel projection?

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I have attached 2 images here to try and better explain. The first image is of the higher-res model with geometry. We need to turn the more detailed models like this into a simplified .gltf models in the quickest way possible. If there is a way we could flatten each elevation and remove geometry from the high-res models to reduce the size that would be perfect.

The second image is with a model that was redone using basic cubes with textures pasted on, this is fine for what we need. We’re trying to avoid having to re-do the models sent to us by customers if possible as we have done here.