Opitmizing Sketchup for M2 Max Chip

This is a message for the Sketchup Engineers. Please please please optimize Sketchup 2024 for the M line of mac chips. We have been using sketchup for 10+ years. We know the M2 Pro Max chip is fast and the graphics are top notch. If sketchup could be optimized for this computer it would be greatly appreciated. It is far too slow with 2023.

thank you

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2023 runs natively on the Apple ARM processors (m1 etc) already


SketchUp was ported to run natively on Apple silicon in 2022. Runs great on my M1max. What kind of optimizations are you looking for? What operations exactly are bogging for you? Perhaps the fix is something you could change in your modeling practice or settings.


Wait, you’re not using SU21 on a Radeon mac anymore ? Does this mean your profile is obsolete now ? :slight_smile:

and yeah, like the other said. SU is quite optimised for M-series chips. not sonoma 14.3 though :sweat_smile:

Your model is probably bloated. Computer hardware is no substitute for intelligent modelling.