Any guidance on M2 version of MacBook Pro for SKetchup?

I am curious if anyone in the community is using the new M2 chip version- I have been waiting to upgrade my Intel based Mac and am trying to decide if having the Max version will give me any appreciable improvement in performance over the Pro version.

I use Sketchup Pro to create museum exhibits- the museum file is about 2GB and has lots of graphics mapped onto surfaces, so on my Intel MacBook Pro the file slows to a crawl.

I have been told that is due to the Intel version running sketchup on only one core, whereas the M series chips run SU on multiple cores. Do more cores mean faster performance in Sketchup?

I wouldn’t expect to see improvements in SketchUp 2019, certainly.

no. faster cores are more important than amount, because 3d softwares like sketchup are mono-cores

M1 series are about 3,2 Ghz, M2 are about 3,5 Ghz, so yes, there will be a jumb from your intel chip :slight_smile:

Besides that, RAM. RAM is good, especially with huge / heavy files

if you buy a mac right now, it’ll be shipped with Ventura pre-installed. Know that in some cases, users have had issues using SU22 on Ventura. Crashes, instability (and pre2021 SU will be even worse)
We don’t have a release date for SU23 yet, but know that your new computer might have trouble for the first few days / weeks, don’t resell your old one yet.

edit : M1 cores are 3,2 not 2,3. slight difference. slight.

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SketchUp, like all other interactive 3D modeling apps, uses only a single core no matter how many your computer has. An M2 will almost surely be faster than your old Intel Mac, but until 2023 is released, SketchUp is not supported on macOS Ventura. It works for some but there have been a lot of issues reported here on the forum.

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The forum boosts a selection bias. If people are successful in running v.2022 under Ventura the forum never hears of them.


A general truth on all forums (fora?). Happy campers don’t complain.


All: Thanks for all this robust guidance. So if I am hearing you right, even in SU 2023, the program will still be running only on a single core. Hence paying for the fastest processor is worth it, but paying for extra GPU cores isn’t.

What is the worst case scenario for the release of SU Pro for 2023? March? May? i.e. are past years updates any guide to this year’s?

in three days (22). or mid novembre (21, 18). or late january (20). or even mid february(19)

For some time it was novembre (2015-18), recently, it has been a bit of a yo-yo. Latest has been version 19, mid feb.
The lack of regularity or info, even vague, is a bit frustrating at times.

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