M1 Chip for Mac update on timeframe

Do you have any idea when SketchUp pro will be optimised for the new M1 Mac chip. The power of optimised programs is superb, and will only make SketchUp pro even better.

Ps have you guys ever thought of a “SketchUp rendering program” that you would get with SketchUp pro you could have it as an add on to your tool bar, I know you can get extensions but I find them all very difficult to work with. I have used Articad for kitchen and bedroom designs and they have a very simple but effective rendering option in there.


There are several threads regarding the M1 Chip already. As for your question of “when”, that’s a question you can figure won’t get answered until it happens. The SketchUp team don’t and aren’t permitted to talk about future features, updates, etc.

Thanks for the reply, I hope they are going to do it and soon so I can use the full capability of my MacBook. I do get good battery life when using SketchUp but not what some people are getting using optimised programs. Also I get the beach ball of death quite a bit as some designs I do are high in mb and this slows me down.

Also hoping they will do a SketchUp rendering program for it, would make my life almost perfect :joy:

There have been statements that this isn’t likely. There are many options already available for rendering. No need to bloat SketchUp.

What is it you use SketchUp for?

A wide variety of things from small medical devices to furniture to architectural.

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Good news is that SketchUp already runs faster on the M1 in translation than it does on Intel chips. So even though it’s not native optimized, there is already a performance upgrade on the M1.


But not like other optimised programs, it could be better and this is the way apple will be going now so SketchUp should be looking to do this and while there are less people using M1 macs to make life easier in the future

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Any top tips when doing furniture or architectural projects

Learn how to use the native tools very well, make appropriate use of components, only add as much detail as you need, model for your audience. I do a lot of modeling for furniture plans so pieces like this desk get modeled to joinery level. Don’t do that, though, if you are just modeling a desk to stick in a room.

This clock is only modeled as a shell–the case and the knobs are 3D printable but there’s nothing inside it.

What are you modeling?

Interiors, mostly kitchens and bedrooms but sometimes full homes

Again, only model what you need. If you are sticking a dishwasher in a kitchen, the only part of it that will be seen is the door so don’t model the internal parts.

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I did a kitchen yesterday and the file size was 287mb does that seem large to you?

Yes. Sounds excessive to me. Did you use a bunch of components from the 3D Warehouse? Do you purge unused stuff from your models?

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While every SketchUp upgrade has brought performance enhancements the basics remain the same, and optimizing the application for Apple’s new processor architecture will still probably bring just an incremental performance advantage instead of a quantum leap. When edge or face count that your CPU has to process nears the million mark, performance degrades, whatever the hardware.

My last kitchen design had a file size about 1% of yours. To be precise, the LayOut file is 819 kB. The kitchen is small, but the model has the whole studio apartment in it.

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I have started to purge unused items but it doesn’t make much difference to the speed of working, I still get the beach ball

Can you send an image of the kitchen you did that was such a small file size? I must be doing something daft and giving myself a headache

How are you purging?

Window, entity info then purge unused I think is the path. Is that how you do it

Window>Model Info>Statistics. Purge Unused.

Make sure your components aren’t overly detailed. Get rid of the excess detail commonly found in appliances. Refrigerators and ranges don’t need internal racks. Control knobs don’t need numbers on them, sinks don’t need strainers. None of that stuff will be seen so it is only a liability with no benefit.