Operation Progress Indicator

Is there a plug-in that shows the progress of an operation? SketchUp’s default indicator just shows the circle going round and round but doesn’t really give you a clue of whether the command is progressing or that SketchUp has actually locked up.

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Can you give an example where you see the spinning cursor?

I work with very large models from time to time - the current one is over 1 GB. If I try to copy a component from one model and Paste In Place to another the spinning cursor appears.

Granted it’s a large task I’ve asked it to do and I expect to have to wait. But after 30 minutes without any way to tell if SketchUp has frozen up it’s a bit frustrating. If I could see that SU was still working through it I’d let it run. But if it’s frozen I’d bail and try something else.


I’ve wanted this feature for years. You never k no w when sketchup has crashed or it’s just busy!

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