Opening several files

Hi, my problem is this:

When I open one file, sketch up opens several files at the same time! No matter what file I open, S. always open more than one file besides!

How can I solve this??

Thank you.


I don’t use a Mac so I am vague, but it has been discussed here before. You have a MacOS setting turned on that does this.

Your profile says “SketchUp Free (web)” so the file wouldn’t be opening in SketchUp, but in your browser. What does “S.” mean? SketchUp? Safari? Something else?

Which operating system are you on? “IOS Mac” in your profile doesn’t make sense.

If you’re on OS X or macOS, look in System Preferences / General. If “Close windows when quitting an app” is not ticked, then when you open your browser, all the windows that were open the last time you used it will open again.

If you want to toggle this behaviour just one time, use ⌥⌘Q instead of ⌘Q to quit the app. You can also hold option (⌥) key down while choosing Quit from the app’s menu to change “Quit” to “Quit and Close All Windows”.

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