Opening newer version saved files in 2017 make

Is there any way of opening later saved version files in 2017make now?
I have a file from a composite decking supplier, but has been saved as a later version.
When opening says "you have version 17.2.2555 you need version 19.2.222.
I contacted the supplier if they could save the file in an earlier format but they were unable to help.

I know using the online version of SketchUp is an option but not 100% convenient.

Any help appreciated.

There is an Open Newer Version extension available in the Extension Warehouse that works on Windows. It’ll do what you need.

Does that mean they wouldn’t help? Or didn’t know how? It’s easy enough to save a SketchUp file back to V2017 or even all the way back to V3 via the Save as… option in the File menu.
Screenshot - 2_13_2023 , 11_10_59 AM

Thanks DaveR, I had seen this yesterday when doing a Google search, but couldn’t work out how to install. All sorted now and installed and drawings converted so I can open them.

This is the reply I received from the supplier:-

"Unfortunately, the specific file type you have requested is not available to save or export from the current version of Sketchup we use. As you’ve most likely already seen, we have the standard files and 3d formats available via the website, however.

Please let me know if you have any other questions."

Anyway sorted now and thanks again for pointing me in the correct direction.

Well, that implies either they don’t know how to do it or can’t be bothered. At least you can get your deck designed.

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