Opening large file and "file not found or invalid" response

I have a large file from a manufacturer (1.9 Gb) for a provided warehouse automation system. We use Lumion to render animations and our client wants to see this component in their warehouse. However, I cannot open or import the file to even purge it. I’m desperate for any kind of solution. We are working through the client to speak with the manufacturer so communication is slow and I don’t know exactly how they are creating the sketchup file, or even if it is correctly done, to where I can even ask them to save it down to 2014 or purge.

More recent versions of SketchUp can handle large files better. Would you be able to upload the model somewhere, and I can try opening it with the latest version of SketchUp that I have?

If it is below 2 GB you could use to upload the file. Or, use Google Drive or DropBox.

What happens when you try to open the file? Error message? Bugsplat?
The file size is truly enormous. If it is a v.2021 or newer file, note that the current file format is heavily compressed, and as a v.2014 file it would be about twice as large.

How much RAM in your computer? A file this size might take hours or overnight to open.

I need the proper email address to send the file to via WeTransfer.


In WeTransfer there is a three blue dots button. Click on that, and you can change it to give you a link instead.


If I send the link in the reply, with others be able to download it?

Yes. You could click on my avatar and send a Message to me. Then nobody else will see it.