OpenGL 3.0 upgrade


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You have a PCI slot for a graphic card instead of a PCI-e? I looked up your card, the specs indicated a PCI-e. You don’t have to get the same card. You need one that fits inside the case AND have a driver that supports OpenGL 3.0. And depending on the replacement graphic card, you may or may not need up upgrade the power supply,

I have the 390 optiplex small form factor that takes the pci-e.

The AMD Radeon HD 5450 card I have is the one they recommend. If there’s another, I’m all for it. The trick is finding one that is open GL3.0. So far the best I found is open gl 2.0


the recent SU Checkup tool is faulty concerning the evaluation of the available V-RAM, for correct values you may want use the free HWiNFO.

the best low-profile card which fits into your case (max. 160x70 mm) is the MSI GeForce GTX 750Ti (N750Ti-2GD5TLP).

Supports OpenGL v4.5 and needs a dual slot as well as 40 Watts from the PSU.

I’ll measure the computer and see if it will fit - the computer is a small form factor not a low profile - so I may have to Frankenstein the case to make it fit. I’ll check the power as well.


according to the Dell PDF you’ve linked above (p. 26) the max. size for a graphics card is ~167 x 69 mm.

As shown in the manual, the MB has a single PCI-e slot for a graphic card.