OpenCutList cut list layout

Hi, I will try to explain my problem with my limited english…
I am using OpenCutList for making cabinets etc…
I am making cabinet doors from sheet wood which has grain going in one direction. Now imagine you have like 4 doors which are next to each other and you want them to be from one sheet so the grains “connects”.
But OpenCutList of course places them randomly (or with best optimization).
Do anyone know how to “override” or customize this?

Thanks and have a great day!


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Maybe, @boris.beaulant has some ideas?

Hi @opic ,

Unfortunately, there’s no internal feature to currently achieve this.
The workaround is to create a fake big part of all parts you want to align in cutting diagram.

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Hi Boris,

thank you for the reply.
I am already using this method and it works fine.
If I understand it right you are part of the team responsible for OpenCutList.
I absolutely love the plugin you did great job!! Thank you.

Do you think that in the future it may be possible to move parts in the cut list to align them? Is it technically possible?

Have a great day!

Thank you to appreciate OpenCutList, @opic :smiling_face:

It’s not planed to move parts in cutting diagram. But we try to find a solution to force grain continuity between part.

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