Opacity of imported image

hi all
forgive my stupidity
have been using make forever…
have just downloaded pro 2021 and cant find the tool to fade up/down or control the opacity of an imported image so i can make it nice and faint to trace over sort of thing
anybody ?

You could switch to Xray or you could import the image as a texture and adjust the opacity in editing the material.

I generally prefer to leave the image as is and change the style so the edges I’m drawing are easier to see. Maybe make the Edge color red. If you find faces getting in the way you can switch to Wireframe.

ok so import as atexture is the answer then i can play with it from there?
also ive just realised layers has become tags … that took me a while … how do i name my tags?

Same way as you used to do layers.

ok cant seem to do that presently

When you create a new tag by clicking on the +, the name field should be ready to type in.
Screenshot - 1_23_2021 , 12_06_39 PM

If you want to edit the name, Click on it twice and type.

Remember that usage is still effectively the same. Untagged remains active at all times, All edges and faces are created and remain untagged. Only components and groups are given tags.