ONO 3D printer


A Kickstarter campaign 3D printer was originally called OLO, but changed to ONO for copyright reasons, has reached the stage where they have a lot of parts ready to ship out, but have first sent out 9 printers to people who were active in the Facebook group, to do some final testing. Hopefully a massive amount of printers will be shipped soon (there were 16,183 backers on Kickstarter).

There are a couple of Facebook groups about the printer, one from the company themselves, and a couple more. Here’s one I’m involved in:

ONO printer users group

I happen to be one of the 9 people who have printers, and I have printed SketchUp exported STL with some success.

It’s of interest to anyone I think, but if you happen to be one of the 16,183 people who backed the project, you should join the FB group to see what us 9 are doing.


I’m excited to see this thing made it past the Kickstarter (the last time I saw it.)

I look forward to seeing the end result and out there proving itself. How “fidgety” is it proving to be? My experience with the FDM printers is that they’re awesome for the first 3 projects and slowly you learn to hate things like the build platform adhesion and nozzle clogs. I have access to a Form 2 but have yet to play with it, so am curious about the laser/resin based printers… especially at that price. I can do a lot in a 3x5x2 build volume.