Only some pins are holding up the fabric while using Clothworks

Hey there,
I am new to using clothworks, and beginner on SU.
I am trying to create a simple curtain. I began by creating a rectangle, making it an object, making the object Cloth 1, applying quadrilateral grid, then added pins along the top in a line evenly spread and pressed PLAY. Some of the pins gripped the fabric and some of them didn’t, allowing it to fall, or when open the pin axis and slide all the pins closer together, the fabric folds unevenly due to pins not grabbing correctly. I made sure the pins are connected correctly to the top line surface of object before moving the pin axis.

I must be doing something incorrect and would love some advice, thankyou!

Attaching your model would help us find the issue.
The most likely issue is your cloth is not in the bounding box of the pin.

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