ONLY Back Edges Showing?

I feel like I probably hit some keystroke that did this, but I cannot figure out what it was. I keep trying to hit cmd+g like I’m on a mac in adobe, so maybe something to do with that??
It also feels kind of like everything got stuck in/under a giant solid. Like I can only see the back edges through the giant solid? But I don’t know how I would delete said possibly-imaginary-solid. (I tried everything I could think of.)

I can select my groups if I click+drag, but can’t select with just a click, and they deselect if I try to do open the right-click menu, or if I try to drill down in the group with doubleclick. Except one. And I have no idea why that one.
Everything disappears if I try to orbit. I have to go back to a predefined view (ie. top down) in order to find it again. It also gets quite slow if I try to pan, and sometimes will refuse to switch into/out of pan and other tools.
K makes everything disappear. Comes right back the same with another K.
Different default views in the scenes panel look similar. Changing the style makes everything invisible, though I can still click and drag to select groups. No other option I’ve found has helped though some had small effects. (ie hiding a group hides those edges. if you want me to try some specific button or combo and tell you specifically what it does, lmk.)

I am out of ideas for what to try, out of ideas for what to search for. I’m about to start over fresh. I don’t mind too much, but would like to know how to prevent and/or fix in the future.

EDIT: SKP file.
Floor Plan.skp (1.8 MB)

Download the file to your computer and then share it with us so we can see exactly what you have set up.

skp or stl? (i am a n00b.)

edit: here’s both, because why not.
Floor Plan.skp (1.8 MB)
Floor Plan.stl (1013.5 KB)

Well, the .skp file would be appropriate since that’s what you’re working on.

You have the Camera set to Parallel Projection and positioned incorrectly. Setting the Camera to Perspective and pressing Zoom Extents sorted it out. Do your modeling with the camera set to Perspective.
Floor Plan fixed.skp (1.8 MB)

lol. Thank you. I am going to have to google pretty much everything you just said.

Might start with

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