Lines that were previously solid now showing up dashed with no change

All of my dimension lines, some words/text, note boxes and other odd things are now showing up dashed as though they’re drawn on the back side but I’ve only ever worked from one face and last time I opened this file they did not appear this way!

If I click into the group (Dimensions are their own group) they will appear solid or dashed depending on how far I zoom in/out but any time I exit the group they go back to dashed.

I’ve also found out that if I click into the floor plan group and delete the floor of a room (not the lines of the walls, just the space that is the floor) then they will show up solid. Similarly if I manage to highlight the dimensions layer and copy/paste it they will appear solid outside of the floor plan.

Edit: I’ve also just discovered that if I explode the floor plan group then it all goes back to solid line. But why can’t I have the floor plan on a group as I previously did?! so confusing

Some of the groups I have setup to keep things separated:
Floor Plan
Room Label

I’m sure this is something stupid but its VERY frustrating… Any ideas?

Picture of the issue;


Is this in SketchUp? If so, it appears you have turned on Back Edges (K is the keyboard shortcut for that) and those entities that are showing as back edges are behind faces in the model.

I expect you need to make some changes to where things are located in the 3D model space. Seeing the SKP file would be a big help.


You’re a life saver. Thank you.

It actually wasn’t the back edges issue(That is why I saw them though…) and I truly thought that they were in the same plain… Your reply got me thinking though and I investigated further. Turns out my floor plan group got pulled 1/4" off the page somehow… misclick maybe? Not sure why some features were still solid while others weren’t…

Thank you very much for taking the time to post! I don’t have enough hair to be sitting here pulling it out like this lol

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