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Can anyone suggest a good online renderer for my.sketchup plz
I am working on a project in sketchup, but my sketchup software won’t install. So I made it on my.sketchup, and am now looking for an online renderer, because the offline ones require installed sketchup
Thanks in advance.



I don’t think there exist renderers as web apps (but there exist cloud renderers). I also don’t think any of these understand the .skp format (due to SDK incapabilities). Usually you would export from SketchUp to the format that the renderer uses and load that into the renderer, but this way requires SketchUp extensions and my.sketchup does not have extensions.

On my.sketchup you can download the model as a .skp file, so you still have full ownership and can do rendering or whatever you want once your local SketchUp install works. Please post a new topic “Cannot install SketchUp” and describe your system, how you tried to install SketchUp and how exactly it failed.
Then we can help.

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