Online free version not showing paint bucket palette

I am using the online free version of SketchUp and I am not seeing the color palette when I select the paint bucket. What am I dong wrong?

Thank you in advance for any help,

Hard to say for sure. It should show up on the right side like so:

Is it possible that side of the browser window is off screen? What browser are you using? Screen shots of what you are seeing would be helpful.Do you have a bunch of other panels open, too? Is there a scroll bar along the side like this? Maybe you just need to scroll down to Materials?

In addition to what @DaveR wrote, can you open the materials panel manually by clicking on its icon in the menu at the right of the window?

Yes, the panel populates but I don’t see a palette of different colors. Do I need to click on something in the popup panel to display the palette?

Click on the icon with the magnifying glass in the panel. The select from the category you want.

If you just want colors, choose that category.

I am slapping my forehead. Thank you.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to reply,

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