One plan always appear over the other one


I’ve a problem on sketchup web, where the one surface, the floor of one room, appear over wall and chair.
When you move around, you can see the chair if you take a horizontal look. But when you take a look from the ceiling, it’s almost hidden by the floor. Same with the wall. You can see the top of it, but the bottom is hidden by a part of the floor (admittedly, the floor is not clipped to the exact size of the room)

Strangely, it only do that with one of the four rooms.

I’d have posted screenshot, but as a new account, my post was rejected.

Try again to share the screenshot. Also download the SketchUp file to your computer and share that with us so we can see your exact setup.

I don’t understand well what you’re trying to say, but it sound like clipping to me. Are the elements on your model space far from the origin?

SketchUp is a 3D application so if an object is placed behind another the other will cover it when viewed from that direction. When two flat objects are at the same 3D plane you will see “z-fighting” where their faces alternately cover each other when you change your view. The solution is “not to do that”.
As said, post your model to hear more accurate answers.

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It sounds like you are. It creating a 3D model. From your description, it sounds like you have 2d elements floating around in 3D space.

The model is on
I can’t share it here as a new account I can’t post any file

I’m close to the origin. I actually tried moving the whole model so that the clipping object geometry contains the origin, and it didn’t solve the issue.

The floor that appears on top of the wall is not on the same 3D plane as the wall, given they are perpendicular. And the floor is below the wall. It’s also below the chair

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