One more piece to skin

Why can’t I skin this last piece? Please help.
NSC.skp (449.0 KB)

That section won’t skin because it is not in plane. The leading edge of the bow is not “straight”. Here I have queried three points along the leading edge with their x,y,z. If this were a vertical line the first two values (x,y) would be identical with only the z changing. The x or red direction is drifting by tiny fractions over the course of the line. In short, something about how you are creating these shapes is distorting the lines to make them no longer co planer at the bow, and you are working at too small a scale for this kind of modeling in SketchUp.

I closed it with in a kludgy way by adding some additional lines to triangulate the bent face. I’ll play with it a bit and see if there is hope of getting it straight again.

Got it, took a bit of doing and some extension wizzadry, very small errors can be the devil to sort out
but here is the shape closed and solid.

NSC Fixed.skp (499.6 KB)

Turn off Length Snapping in Model Info /Units

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I remodeled it using quads.

NSC.skp (148.0 KB)

Thank you very much. I am trying to be diligent but keep making these small errors. How do you query the XYZ coordinates of a point? That is a great checking tool I’m unaware of.

Done. Thanks!

Thank you very, very much.