One click leaders


Click once with the leader tool and start typing or use an autotext associated with the object you clicked on.

Click again and the leader line is formed.

Click and drag instead and it’s a spline.

Anytime you start typing you end the leader.

The same thing that happens for multiline texts that you can click somewhere and start typing an unbounded text, without worrying with the textbox.

I want leaders that are able to be connected to geometry but don’t have the leader lines.


You can already make that happen. the two labels shown are connected to the blue cabinets on the right

The leader strokes are set to 0 opacity.

When they are selected, you can see the leader lines exist.

They use the Definition Names of the components so click to anchor the leader on the component and a double click to set the label end and finalize the label.


I’ve been brainstorming how to implement “leaderless labels” for three years, and it never once occurred to me to use transparent leader lines.

When are you going to come work for us, Dave?



Thanks gentlemen but Ive been usiing transparent leaders for as long as I’ve been using LO for area tagging and:

  • they’re not easy to setup
  • They’re not easily placed.
  • they export to CAD with horrible leaders all over the place.

Marc… 1 click… You can pull that one off! :wink:


Why not?

What are you clicking on with one click? How do you tell LO to put the other end?


Because they are not easy to pickup in the middle of all the fuss an arch drawing has and they always have the invisibel leader interfering with visible stuff.

Because leaders require more than one click.

Because the first click is on the point you want, the second click must be far away from the point you want but the leader needs to be on the first point and so you need a third click to bring you back to the start.

This is because leaderless leaders should be on top of the point you clicked while regular leaders are set far from the point you click.

When clicking all this points the leader often goes left when you want it right and right when you want it left and so you have to reposition it.

And there’s just too many leaderless leaders we need in arch drawings.

So it’s not hard, it’s VERY hard to setup.

You’re clicking on the point you want to place the leaderless leader and take autotext from.

Then you could setup your text to be anchored center, left, right, top, bottom or a combination of those…


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