One box questions

I was wondering why my link in one post is different from another. Both of them I clicked the button at the bottom to copy link. The bottom one in the screen clip is correct in my opinion. The other one simply shows a collapsible copy of the post but doesn’t actually take the user to the linked post (see all the way at the bottom of this post).

And another try in this post.

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The bottom one is a one-box.

The top one is not, but is some Discourse specific quote “thingie”.

What I’m trying to figure out is why. I used the same links. Something must have changed. If I edit the post that has the one-box the preview shows quote “thingie”, not a one box.


If I’ve copied and pasted the link in a post in the past, I got the “thingie” not the one box.

EDIT Yesterday I got the one box, which is a first.

I agree. The SketchUp forum is hosted by Discourse (not just run on the Discourse engine.) implements changes without any warning.

You’d have to browse the forums to find out.

I personally think it breaks “talk” out of it’s proper context, and encourages off-topic discussion in the wrong thread.

This feature is so seriously bad, it sullies the idea of using Discourse forums for me.

@jody if this feature can be switched off, please do it.


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