On axis guidelines shortcut

One of the really useful improvements to the inferencing engine in the current version of SU is the ability to use the cursor keys in conjunction with the protractor to select an on-axis plane to work in.

I would like to see something similar for the guide lines. At present, to get an on-axis guide line, you either have to zoom out to see the red-blue-green axis lines (the only fully safe way), or you have to use a drawn line that you believe to be on-axis. If you could use the cursor keys, you could be sure of creating an on-axis guide line without any zooming in and out.

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Simon, try this guide extension:
It’s temporary line changes color with the axis.
You can right-click and change stipple “on-the-fly”.
You can enter the start coordinates into the Measurements box (unlike the native tool.)
And it comes with a single button toolbar.

Thanks. Not quite what I was imagining but it may well help.

To create a guide “on axis” where there’s no axis in sight you could use the ‘Protractor’ tool.

  • click and hold down Lmouse button at the desired spot.
  • drag the cursor in one of the two possible directions perpendicular to the axis you want.
    ( the protractor takes the color of axis you dragged along.)
  • set the starting direction of the angle (arbitrary direction, not important)
  • set the end direction along the wanted axis direction. (see tool inference tip ‘On … Axis’). A guide appears in this direction through the chosen starting spot.

So no extra geometry or zooming required.
Thing is that the protractor’s plane, while setting up the protractor, is parallel to the desired axis.

This all may sound difficult but is as simple as possible. Exactly what you are looking for.

Of course! Should have thought of that meself. Thanks.

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Oh, right. I haven’t used it before so thanks for the heads up.