Measuring tool frustration


Recently when using my measuring tool, I find that the 3 axes appeared, when I don’t remember them doing that before, it’s kind of annoying. Can I toggle them off?
The other thing is that I’m having trouble with it making guidelines. Can it make a new guideline from one the tool just made?
Thank you all!
I’m new to the forum been using Sketchup for a while now.



Do you mean crosshairs that follow the cursor? If so, they are a setting in your Preferences->Drawing panel. If you mean the model’s coordinate axes, they are controlled by the View->Axes menu.

Regarding your second question, yes you can create new guidelines parallel to previous ones. Select the tape measure tool, click on an existing guideline, move the cursor away from it, and click when the new guide is where you want it.



Thank you! Are the coordinate axes, the ones that are always there? If so, thank you for that one too!