Old wood work project



I built this artist’s easel back in 1983 and just did an SU model, in case I want to build an updated easel.

Introduced a few inventions including a canvas holding system that allows brushes to flow over the edge of the canvas (stretcher bars are gripped by stainless steel pins from the back of the canvas) and a fly wheel / foot operated raising mechanism.

Also includes a tempered glass palette with a neutral grey background - paintings can raise and lower behind palette. The base has a torsion box design to add rigidity.

(model is missing a bit of hardware).


Nice model.
Is the easel missin its “front feet”? It seems to somehow be floating above the ground.



Yes, missing all the hardware. I drew this up quickly to record the unique functionality of the original design.

I might add hardware detail at some point (including casters), time permitting.


Oh, yeah. No wing nuts on the back struts either, now that you mention it. I’m not throwing stones; I have more unfinished stuff than I can shake a stick at.


It is tempting to get the hardware done, if I wasn’t in the middle of a new website launch, product design finalization, …