Offset Tool - Mod's (1) Component Only and Not all CC'd Components

I’m new to Sketchup (but not software drawing tools). I’m working thru “SketchUp Fundamentals (Desktop)” course at

First, in Quick Start → Component Bases lesson, the instructor demo’s the ‘offset’ tool by selecting a single pillar (component). This action causes dotted geometric guidelines to appear around the pillar. When I do it in my Sketchup Pro 2024 Desktop (Windows), it does NOT select the single pillar but rather all four pillars copied from the original. Why is this?

Second, I’m trying to understand the ‘offset’ tool. When I follow the vid instructions, it only mod’s the single pillar I’m working on (and NOT all four pillars).

What am I doing incorrectly?

The dotted lines around the pillar component are indicating that the component is open for editing. This has nothing to do specifically with the Offset tool. It only means the component is open so that the geometry inside can be edited.

Most likely it’s because you created the initial pillar component and then opened it for editing before copying the geometry within to make it look like the four pillars. This is a common mistake for new users. The correct steps would be to model the first pillar and make it a component. Then select the component with a single click on the Select tool. Then Move/Copy the selected component.

This would be the case if you did as I guessed and copied the geometry within the pillar component. If you do it correctly (go back and watch the video where Tyson makes the pillar and copies the component) you will get the same sort of behavior shown in the video you are referencing.

Thank you! That is exactly what I was doing.