Offset tool click-release-click mode vs click-drag-release

I have a lot of trouble using the offset tool in click-release-click mode. A lot of the time when I single click, it acts like a click-drag-release except with basically no drag. Placing the offset pretty much where I single click.

Obviously this is mildly annoying when you have a specific distance in mind, so I’m just wondering if there is something I’m missing in how to activate the click-release-click mode.

A copy of my attempts at fumbling is attached. At no point am I click-dragging in this video. While sometimes I find it helps if I try to click close to the edge, in this specific circumstance it does not seem to help.

Have you tried typing in the distance you want and hitting enter?

This happens to me too, sometimes, on a Mac running pro version. My single click seemingly completes a random offset with no opportunity to inference or type. I just live with it and undo until it works correctly again.

Perhaps it’s my mouse, but that has not been a problem anywhere else. I can’t think of any reason it might be happening and would love to know if there’s a solution.

I’ve never had that issue, so can’t really comment.

That’s how I am with most issues people post here, and that’s why you don’t see my comments on them. :slight_smile:

Hey Andy,

I have seen this problem a few times before, but not consistently. Are you using a mouse with a laptop, or a trackpad? I’d be curious to know if you see a different behavior between mouse and trackpad clicks with offset. If not, there is probably something for us to investigate further.

If so, then there may be something related to the sensitivity of the device, but I’d still be interested to know and investigate why this is happening with the offset tool but not others.

Thanks for checking in!


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@Box - regarding typing the distance, I haven’t had any luck with that. If you do it before you click, nothing happens. If you do it after you have clicked, the offset has already been applied, so nothing happens again. The behaviour is logically consistent (in my mind at least) with the other ways you type distance. I guess the main problem as I see it is that is that a click-release does not enter the mode I was hoping/expecting it to.

Hi Mark, I am on a laptop yes, but am using a mouse for this. I honestly haven’t tried with trackpad. I don’t think it’s sensitivity related - I guess you are suspecting I am clicking but maybe moving the cursor slightly - as when I’ve tried it I have tried to be very careful not to move the mouse. Using the same level of care with other click-release-click options seems to work as expected.

And yes, it’s a fairly intermittent problem, but when it does happen I don’t seem to be able to ‘get away’ from it - a full restart of my browser (Chrome) does not seem to help.

Not that major any way, I it can be fairly easily worked around with a few more clicks. Was mainly just curious.


It sounds like you are getting an unwanted double click. As I mentioned, it’s not something I have experienced so I don’t really have anything to add.