Offset internal and external edges, Round corner plugin

Hi! Am I right that round corner plugin can’t offset external and internal edges like here in the screenshot? The 1st shape is how it should exactly look like. The second is a shape from which I suppose round corner plugin should create a shape like the first one. But it looks like I can only offset external edges.

rc-test.skp (315.1 KB)

No. You are incorrect. Round Corner can round the interior corners, too. You need to select the internal edges if you want them radiused. Since the inside and outside radii must be different, you need to do them in two steps.

Aha, I see, thanks!

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Noted that there is a limit for setting a number of segments (24). With small offset it’s qute enough, but when an offset is huge it is not. So only manually round in such cases, or?

FredoCroner allows up to 30 sides per curve. If you need more than that, you can always use a different method for creating the radius.

Here’s 96 sides in the arcs on your example.

Yes, thanks. For manual ways to round corners I know. Thought there is a was in that plugin to increase a number of segments more than 24. But don’t know why you say about 30 if there is 24.

You’re looking at Round Corner, I wrote:

Different extension.

Now understand)